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The Divine Movement Podcast

Mar 29, 2018

The Divine Movement rolls on! Back from Miami, Gina and Tim recap the wonderful events that took place as well as the spiritual storm that ensued, eventually playing out as a terrible gift (as it always does). Also - superheros, Tim is almost poisoned, sunsets, lost phones, tequila and a 3 year old turning 4. Carl Sagan...

Mar 22, 2018

A lot of ground is covered in this TDM; including Sex Magik, tree people and mindless plugging. 


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Mar 13, 2018

To celebrate the fact that The Divine Movement is on the road soon with Numerology workshops, Tim and Gina bring you a long awaited 'taste' of numbers! 

This is just a little teaser of what you can expect in episodes to come and in the workshops!


See you soon:

Miami 3/25 11am-2pm - 

Mar 6, 2018

TDM rolls on with an absolute joy of a guest. If you don't know Kathleen Booker, GET TO KNOW HER. Being with Kathleen is no different than millions of joy drops falling from the sky, melting and messing the paint on the false mask you were too scared to take off. Be you boo!!

Yoga and Numerology:

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Mar 4, 2018

What happens when you mix a strong boston accent, mushrooms and mastery of functional body movement? Tim says Mind, Body, Spirit...Skooby says Body, Mind, Soul.... and Gina has a lot to say about her Menstrual cycle.


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