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The Divine Movement Podcast

Mar 6, 2018

TDM rolls on with an absolute joy of a guest. If you don't know Kathleen Booker, GET TO KNOW HER. Being with Kathleen is no different than millions of joy drops falling from the sky, melting and messing the paint on the false mask you were too scared to take off. Be you boo!!

Yoga and Numerology:

March 25th MIAMI! at Drinkhouse Fire & Ice 11am-2pm

March 30th DC! at Ten Tigers 630-10pm

Healings and readings with Tim:

Yoga with Gina:

Find Kathleen: 

here's her info about her upcoming FREE Webinar...

Thursday, March 15th @ 8pm EST - An Evening of Breath-full Relaxation. Take a bit of time for YOU Boo! During our time together we will Experience the Breath…peace-filled Breathing exercises/meditation Learn relaxing Breathing techniques Have a refreshing/replenishing time for yourself Join me...sign up here: